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Pioneer Open Access Repository

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TWU values scholarship and creative works in support of the mission of the university. In such, the Pioneer Open Access Repository (POAR) is a repository of scholarly products that inform the disciplines of academia and the larger community. The POAR is another means of highlighting and disseminating scholarly contributions by providing free and unrestricted access to the TWU community and beyond.

It is important that faculty showcase their work in a way that is visible, accessible and impactful to students and the larger community. The POAR will serve as the vehicle to greater equity and access of information. TWU champions the notion that all members of the community are entitled to readily accessible information. The POAR enhances accessibility of faculty to their own work without fear of copyright infringement. Additionally, the POAR provides timely access to information and scholarly works produced by faculty and students; therefore, reducing the amount of time inherent to the lengthy process of publication. By utilizing the POAR, TWU joins the ranks of over 2700 open access repositories worldwide. This network holds abundant potential for collaborations and creative scholarly development and the POAR also extends TWUs visibility internationally.

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